The fast way to increase TikTok Likes

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Compared with Instagram and Facebook, which all depend on personal networks, the content algorism of TikTok is according to the popularity of videos.
In short, how many likes you got is much important than how many followers you had, which determines how famous you could be on “for your page.” (#fyp)

The definition of “popularity.”

For new posts/videos, TikTok will show them to a small group of users. The criteria are reaching 10% more likes of the views, one like for every ten users; otherwise, your video will stop growing.
Moreover, if you get 20% more likes in one day, your video will be pushed to more people.
So, how you get more likes in a short period is the crucial reason to get famous on TikTok.

Reference as Likes and Followers App
TikFans app:

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Pop videos should be…


Choose a bright background and make sure the image quality. TikTok algorism also considers these features.


Create funny stories or jokes instead of singing and dancing, which will help you stand out from these flat content.
Teaching cooking or other skills could be a good start.

Boost Likes

If you are not good at making stories, you could consider HACK.
Using Like generator/boost is definitely a faster way to get more likes in a short period.




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TikTok addict@SC.

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