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Now iOS 14 enables the ability to add “widgets” to your iPhone home screen, one of the best customizations for making your iPhone more like you.

This how widgets personalize your home screen: Showing your favorite information in a small instance (like clocks, calendars, tasks, photos, health) and keeping the information up-to-date, supporting three sizes layouts.

There’re some built-in widgets that iOS offers you clock widgets, calendar widgets, reminder widgets, weather widgets, health widgets, photo widgets, and so on.

But, third-party apps provide much more customizations, even changing the title layouts, background color, and background photos.

We’re going to go…

There is a significant change to iOS 14 that you could add many widgets to your iPhone home screen, not only app girds anymore.

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iOS Widgets is like the one on the Android

The concept of “widget” is similar to the one on the Android system, which allows you to add some brief information to the home screen, so you could quickly get what you want without opening an app.

It supports many types of widgets, like a weather widget, clock widget, calendar widget, reminder widget, and photo widget.

However, it takes time to teach iOS users to adopt a new behavior (they are not used to have many…

tiktok likes app free increase
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Compared with Instagram and Facebook, which all depend on personal networks, the content algorism of TikTok is according to the popularity of videos.
In short, how many likes you got is much important than how many followers you had, which determines how famous you could be on “for your page.” (#fyp)

The definition of “popularity.”

For new posts/videos, TikTok will show them to a small group of users. The criteria are reaching 10% more likes of the views, one like for every ten users; otherwise, your video will stop growing.
Moreover, if you get 20% more likes in one day, your video will be…

If you want to gain faster on TikTok

Video from TikFans Youtube

Want to get famous on TikTok? Want more followers and Likes?
(Want to be a TikStar, Tik Famous?)

Besides making funny videos and updating new regularly (which is an ideal solution), here, some generators/boosters help me grow faster.

Free TikTok followers hack generator without verification

1. Booster for free followers and likes

TikFans App is a useful app for gaining real and free followers, which is without human verification and surveys.

The design of the app is easy-to-use.

First, input TikTok username; Second, start to follow to gain rewards; The last, redeem your rewards to get followers. …


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